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Flying Lessons

 Jennifer Cooper
Fairfield University

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Every nursing student comes with a pair of wings,
But no instructions on how they work-
No instructions on how to fly.
Every nursing professor comes with instructions on how to fly.

In the beginning, she attaches strings to the student's wings.
And the flying lessons begin.
While firmly grasping the strings,
The professor teaches the student how to spread her wings-
And the professor lifts her off the ground.

Sometimes the student falters- but does not fall.
Because the professor is there to catch her.
Every once in a while, the professor cuts a string.
The student looks alarmed.
"How can I fly without that string?"
But the professor smiles-
"Give it a try."

And the student finds she can still work her wings.
The lessons continue.
One day, the professor comes and cuts the last string.
"Go and fly- you are ready now."
The student looks unsure.
"Go ahead- your wings are strong enough.
You no longer need the strings.
And if you stumble just remember what I have taught you."
Hesitantly, the student spreads her wings.
Slowly she rises from the ground.
And she flies.


Copyrightę by The University of Arizona College of Nursing; All rights reserved.