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The theme for this editorial is community.  The first concept is connected community.  After a limping start, at last we see a future for JUNS.  We have enough papers in the review process for the next issue and a start for the fourth issue, so we will be around for a while.  Now we want to hear from you.  You may have noticed that there is a Letters-to-the Editor section on our website that has yet to be activated.  It is there waiting for your input.  What do you think of JUNS?  How should we change it?  Remember, JUNS was created for you.


The second concept is global community.  When we started JUNS, we had no idea that we would go global in our third issue.  Sayuri Yamaguchi is from Japan and is returning there now that her baccalaureate education is complete; and an author of a soon-to-be-published paper lives in Australia .  Our JUNS reviewers come from California and Washington to Georgia and Maine , as well Canada and Australia . 


Putting together a connected global community has tremendous potential.  There are thousands of you out there who have chosen a service profession; and as students you still have your dreams and ideals intact.  Think about the impact you could have on nursing and society.  Let us hear from you.    


Judith Ayoub

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