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An Explanation

Although we typically don’t publish articles from faculty, you’ll see that this issue is different.  Our lead article is published by Dr. Pamela Reed—and there is a good reason for this.  Dr. Reed’s article provides an overview and introduction to four articles written by students in her class—and we wanted to be able to publish each group of students’ articles because they represent independent work, rather than incorporate them into one overall paper for which only one of the many students would be first author.  We’re very excited about the thought that these students have put into applying the various ways nurses know (e.g., ethical, personal, empirical) to their clinical practice—and we think you will be too.

In addition, we have two articles that demonstrate student research—and those too are exciting.  The first, by Huong “Jane” Trinh and Elaine Jones, explored the fruit and vegetable intake of a deaf population and its link to heart disease.  The second, by a group of nursing students from Lander University, explored student nurses’ experiences with needlesticks, a common safety issue.

Judith Effken, Amy Davis, and Mary Koithan


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