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Fireworks and Fanfare

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Send up the fireworks; sound the fanfare! This journal of the students, by the students, and for the students is finally on-line. In
telling you why this journal was created, perhaps I will state the obvious, but here are three concepts, which I found awesome when
I tripped over them.

The first is that the educational system creates knowledge. For the first forty years of my life I assumed that colleges and
universities existed for the sole purpose of sharing knowledge. Then I began teaching at a college in which research was a high
priority, and I realized that, through structured study, new knowledge was shaped and refined. I also realized that over coffee,
through classroom discussions, and during car-pool commutes scholars were combining experiences and new ideas with existing
theories and expressing exciting, unique conclusions.

The second concept is that new knowledge is not legitimate until it is written. No matter how earth shattering or life saving is that
new idea, it does not enter the universal body of knowledge until it is transposed to words and disseminated.

Finally, the creation of knowledge is not limited to the ivory towers of academia. It begins when freshmen from Maple Street, the
inner-city projects, and the farm arrive on campus and are introduced to the addictive experience of mind expansion. In my years of
teaching, one of the most fulfilling aspects of my work is finding that college undergraduates often teach me as much as I teach

So, here is a journal just for you. Enjoy it, contribute to it, and learn from it.

Judith Ayoub, PhD, RN

I would like to dedicate this first issue of JUNS to my husband, The Reverend Waheeb Fahmy Ayoub, 1923-1999. Without his
inspiration and support the journal would have never taken wing.

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